Tauni teaches the following weekly yoga classes:

Monday 7pm – Vinyasa – Hothouse Yoga Iowa City, IA

Tuesday 6pm – Mobility – Benders Studio Iowa City, IA

Thursday 12:00pm – Sweat + Stretch – CrossFit Kilo II Iowa City, IA

“Thank YOU for an awesome practice. It was just the right amount of fun and challenge.” – Margaret



Hip Mobility Seminar

“I really enjoyed this class. I have been having some glute and hamstring issues so I feel like this will help. It was challenging at times, but that’s good! Keep them coming.” – Rosemary

This 45min class will help you assess and improve your hip mobility. The class is split up into 5-10min sections that can be done individually or together. This is a great tool for a yogi looking to build strength through their range or motion, or a CrossFitter looking to expand their range of motion with control.

This seminar is $25. Pay with the PayPal link HERE and you will be given login information for the class.


18.5 Mobility Class

“It was great! My hips feel stretched out. I really liked the sequencing of the poses. The one pose that everyone hated I will be doing on the daily now. Thanks for that!” – Katy

This 30min class was taught immediately following a CrossFit open announcement to prepare athletes for the workout. Focus is on hips and shoulders. The techniques and drills in this class can be carried over into yoga, CrossFit warmup or post WOD.

If you are an instructor looking to add mobility into your instruction this class will give you great tools to incorporate today!

This class is $15. Pay with the PayPal link HERE and you will be given login information for the class,




“I loved your yoga classes and I have to say, they kicked my butt too!” – Marie

Yoga in (or by) the Park – Sunday at 8:30am, just 1x per month

Details on the next class and Sign up HERE

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Private and Small Group Sessions are available upon request.

Sessions can be yoga, skill or training focused based on your needs. A 1 hour class is $85 and available in 6 week sessions. The total of $510 is due at the time of the first class in the session.

Cancellations can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled class. Any cancellation within 24 hours prior to class will not be made up.

Contact Tauni to work out details and find a program that will work for you!